:: gdt - magnolia down under challenge ::

Yes, its time for another lovely and inspiring challenge over at Magnolia Down Under.
This time its sketch-theme.

Heres my contribution:

Today I´m spending the whole day at a craft-gathering!!
It´s gonna be so much fun!
I usually dont get much done really, but I love to meet friends and people that love this hobby just as much as I do... :0)

So I´m wishing you all a nice evening!

Storlek/Size: 15x15 cm
Stämplar/Stamps: Magnolia - Tilda
Papper/Papers: Cardstock, Bo Bunny
Färgläggning/Coloring: Promarkers
Övrigt/Embellies: Prima roses, Magnolia flowers, Half beads, Sewing machine, Martha Stewart punch, Nastabilities, Lace

Postat av: Kylie

Oh wow Asa! This is such a beautiful card. I absolutely adore your style. Thanks for another fabulous week of inspiration at MDUC,



2010-11-21 @ 06:13:13
URL: http://kylieskraftroom.blogspot.com
Postat av: lenislenis

Underbart vackert! Älskar färgerna!

2010-11-22 @ 10:45:34
URL: http://lenislenis.blogg.se/

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