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Kenny K is having a DT call. I dont know if I´m what they are looking for but I´m going to give it a try! ;0)
I just love those amazing Digi stamps! I´ve got a whole bunch of them and they are sooo fun to color. They also have a lot of tough and cool images, and that I really like!

I´m supposed to pick out at least two of my favourite Kenny K cards, and that was not easy.
The judgement of that it´s really in the eye of the beholder... :0)

But, anyway, here are my cards:

You can find out everything about the Dt-call HERE.

So, wish me luck!

Postat av: Susanne

Lycka till tjejen!

2010-11-29 @ 20:40:25
URL: http://susny.blogspot.com

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