:: a little gift from the heart ::

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Today we were invited to my sister in law´s in-law´s (that was a tricky one explaining *lol*).
I wanted to take something with me, as a gift, but I wanted it to be something more personal than just a flower or easter egg. So I scrapped a photo on their grandchild (my kids little cousin, that is). She´s their first and only grandchild and they love her so much (of course!).

It was really appreciated!
That warmed my heart.

I used thick carbored paper as a base and decorated it very clean and simple.
I didn´t want to take focus out of the photo it self.

The dp´s are MME´s lovely Stella Rose series. I just love those thick delightful papers!
I think I have to get me some more though, they are running out... Hmpf!

A close up on the decorations.

I only decorated in the left corner.
Just some ribbon, twine, a chipboard heart and some flowers.
I´ve covered them all with Glimmer Glam Chandelier for that little sparkling effect.

Have a lovely and happy easter!


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