:: another sneak peak - dt some ODD girl ::

Ok, it´s time for another lovely sneak peak over at Some Odd Girl!
I hope you didn´t miss the two amazing Brides yesterday??
Today it´s all about Moms! Moms and their loved ones..

I´m showing you Baby Snuggle Kaylee:

The DP´s are from MME and the corners are made with an Nellie Snellen-die.
I think this one will be perfect for the upcoming Mother´s Day. Don´t you think!

A little close up.

And don´t forget to leave a comment in the SOG blog!
Each day Kristy will be giving away the sneaked (snuck?) Digi(s) to someone who comments.
(all the winners will be announced in the blog on the release day)
Isn´t that awesome? So what are you waiting for? Hurry on over and leave a comment - right away!

Postat av: BA

hi Asa

this is really cute, love your style and colouring is fabulous.

congratulatio to Stampavi DT

xxoox BA

2011-04-13 @ 18:24:43
URL: http://basblog-ba.blogspot.com/

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