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It´s time for another challenge over at Some ODD Girl´s challenge Blog.
This time we are doing it the easy, peasy way! *lol* In other words; we are doing it Clean & Simple!

I´ve done an easel-card using my lovely new dies from Inkywings! Loooove them!

The amazing papers are from MME, and my only decoration is a button.

I´ve used Sigh Mae and colored her up with Copics.
Isn´t she the cutest ever!?

This challenge will run thru April 19th, midnight EST. When the linky closes, the challenge is over :) Entries must be new and linked back to the challenge.

So come on over and play with us!!

Postat av: carina



2011-04-10 @ 23:18:10
URL: http://carinaskortochgott.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Robin McK

Love this Asa! Fabulous easel card!

2011-04-11 @ 00:42:05
URL: http://stamperextraordinaire.blogspot.com/

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