:: rubber sneak # 1 - dt some ODD girl ::

Today is the first day of a really exciting week!
We are going to show you sneak peaks on the SOG´s upcoming 'rubber' release! Yes, that´s right - Some Odd Girl are coming in 'rubber'! Isn´t it just fantastic!?

The first release is on May 2nd and contains six stamps, all combined with a matching sentiment.

Today we are showing fabolouse Dancing Mae:

And don´t forget to go over to the SOG blog to check out the amazing sneaks from all the DT-gals and guests.
They all ROCK I can promise!

And here is my sneak:

I´ve used Mae together with MME Stella Rose papers and made some notes to match.
Kept it quite clean and simple.

She´s colored with Promarkers and Copics,

Kristy is being really generous and giving away lot´s of goodies this week so don´t forget to read all about it in Some Odd Girl´s Blog!

And remember to check back in tomorrow again, when more sneaks are coming...


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