:: rubber sneak #3 - dt some ODD girl ::

Welcome for another 'rubber' sneak for the SOG´s upcoming release!

We´re into day three and today we are showing the first, out of two, completely new motifs.
And this has quickly become one of my big favourites.
She´s so versitale and - of course - so darn cute!! *lol*

So, here she is, Baloon Kaylee:

And joined wiyh it´s very own sentiment.

For thoose who joined SOG´s Blog Hop last week you will recognize my card, when we we´re asked by Kristy to choose our favourite from the release:

Im not really sure were the papers are from. If you know, please leave a comment!
This card is, just as the other two, quite simple and sparingly decorated.

If you look really close you can see that my seewing machine went a little wacky this time... *lol*
Buuut - I don´t care so much actually. It almost look a little charming now.
But I can tell you that there was some nasty words coming out of my mouth when it was messing with me....

And don´t forget your BIG chance to win these lovely stamps in Some Odd Girl´s Blog!
Just by commenting.

I´ll be back tomorrow again!

Postat av: Felicia

Schysst blogg du har! Har du designat den själv? Om inte, var hittar man isåfall designen du använder? Tack :)

2011-05-07 @ 10:42:22
URL: http://smsalåna.nu

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