:: rubber sneak #5 - dt some ODD girl ::

Hope you´re all having a nice Friday!
Can you believe it - already Friday! Gosch! This week just flew by..

Are you ready for another exclusive stamp from Some Odd Girl?
Yes, today we are showing number two of the stamps that are exclusive for this release.
Meet Tobie and his puppy:

And - he, just as the others also includes a matching sentiment.

Here´s my sneak:

He is so cute with his little buddie friend! Don´t you think!?

I can see this stamp in so many of my projects!´Having two little guys at home gives me a lot of use of this little cutie. I´ve already used him for two birthday cards. What about that... *lol*

Hurry over to SOG´s Blog and check out all the amazing sneaks from all the DT-girls.
They are worth all your time!

Have a nice evening!

I´ll be back tomorrow again.

Postat av: Åsa/asamia

Kanonläckert kort, fin stämpel.

2011-04-30 @ 20:03:25
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