:: rubber sneak #6 - dt some ODD girl ::

It´s time for the last and final rubber sneak with Some Odd Girl!

This one is already one of my big favourites from the digis, so I was really happy when Kristy decided to do this image as 'rubber'!

So without any further notice...

Today we are showing Love Letter Kaylee:

And, just as the others, she´s got her very own sentiment.

And here´s my little sneak:

I wanted to do this card a little more decorated than the others. Just to give it a little more romantic feeling.

This image just give me a plesant giggly feeling in my stomach. I think it´s that feeling you have when you are newly in love! She do look like that! :0)

I hope you all having a fab weekend and don´t forget to jump on over to the Blog and look at all the other amazing sneaks...

Postat av: Linda - Pysselbus

Åhhh vilket härligt kort!! Borde faktiskt investera i några av dessa supersöta motiv....

Trodde du skulle skriva något om din nya DT-plats hos Stampavie men jag får väl lov att gratulera ändå! Såg det för ett tag sedan och tänkte vänta tills du skrivit något om det.... Men STORT GRATTIS!!

Hoppas du får en fin valborg!



2011-04-30 @ 15:11:24
URL: http://pysselbus.blogspot.com

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