:: some ODD girl Blog Hop - coming soon ::

I just want to make you´re attention on wats up on Friday!!?

Some Odd Girl is celebrating their Stamp Release with an awesome Blog Hop!
Let me tell you - you don´t wanna miss it!!

You can see all the datails in the SOG blog!


I would like to take the opportunity to make a little announcement too....

I just found out I made a spot in the new Stampavie DT-team!!! YAY!!!
This is sooo exciting!

I am so proud of all my DT-spots and I appreciate and cherish them dearly.
As a card-maker, I think it is a little bit extra fun to have a chance at creating for these four wonderful stamp-companies!

Sadely though, this means that I´ve decided to step down from my DT-spot at SWE scrapbooking.
I had a wonderful time with all the girls, but I´ts important for me that I don´t have too many assignments at the same time. I want to do a good job for the companies Im 'working' for´.

So it´s a little sad leaving them, but at the same time very inspiring looking forward to something new...

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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