:: the final sneak - dt some ODD girl ::

One whole week of wonderful sneak peaks has come to it´s end.
Today we are showing little Tiny Tia again.
And there is not only one, but two new lovely digis to choose from!

Im showing you Snuggle Tiny Tia:

Now, don´t forget your chance of winning som freebies over at the SOG blog!
Just by commmenting. Easy peasy!

A close up on lovely Tia.

All winners will be announced next TUESDAY, when the release goes LIVE to the store!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Postat av: Leah the Orange

Asa, what can i say? your cards are BEAUTIFUL, and your sneaks all week have been fantastic! i especially love how you mix up your alphas. :) thanks so much for your contribution to the <a href="http://someoddgirl.blogspot.com">Some Odd Girl blog</a> - we are happy and honoured to have you on the team! :)


2011-04-17 @ 16:23:40
URL: http://thechroniclesoforange.blogspot.com

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