:: lil pinkette haunting preview - dt tickled pink stamps ::

I hope you haven´t missed the amazing sneak week at Tickled Pink Stamps.
The Lil Pinkette DT-team and the Pink Ladies are combining the upcoming Spinks and Spooks Collection release for borth the Lil Pinkettes and the Lil Haunts.

So we are filling the week with lots and lots of wonderful creations!

Today it´s time for Lil Pinkette Haunting Robot Timmy:

Now you know that Kellie allways offers amazing prizes on every sneak, so don´t forget to jump on over to the TPS-blog and comment on the sneak-posts.

I´ll see you all soon again. There are more sneaks to show!

Postat av: Louise Fraenell

Hej Åsa!

Vilket otroligt vackert kort du har gjort med söta Timmie! Gillar de klassiska färgerna till Halloween och den taggiga formen är pricken över i :)


2011-08-07 @ 21:17:45
URL: http://louisesscrapperie.blogspot.com
Postat av: carina


2011-08-07 @ 22:14:18
URL: http://carinaskortochgott.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Katie

I love this! Your coloring is awesome and that tree and owl in the background totally rock! Love it!

xx Katie

2011-08-08 @ 18:20:59
URL: http://kardsbykatiekreations.blogspot.com

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