:: my precious 4 year old ::

Today we had a little birthday party for my youngest son, who got 4 last thursday.
I can´t believe his getting so big already!
He was so-o happy and got so many amazing presents. He´s all about Star Wars, Transformers, Ben 10 and all those 'hero-action-things'... *lol* And he got a lot of them.
I can tell you, there was a big smile on his lips when he fell a sleep tonight.
Just got to love him!!

And of course I made him a little card too...

I used a stamp from Lily of the Valley.
The sentiment is from Inkywings.
This image reminds me so much of my son.
We got one of those swings at home and he just LOVEs it!!

The image is colored with Promarkers.

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Härligt kort:)

2011-08-28 @ 22:29:04
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