:: weeding gift for my lovely friends ::

Last weekend two of my near friends got married, after 13 years together. Honestly I didn´t think they ever would. But hey - luckely they did!! *lol*
And it was sooo beautiful!

Me and my 'hub' have a tradition when it comes to wedding presents. We like to give them something for their upcoming wedding anniversaries... And so we did this time too.

Each box is filled with some suprises for their anniversary.
BUT they are not allowed to opened them until the right day!

The sentiment says 'Do not open until your second wedding anniversary, 130813'.
And it´s cut out with a Magnolia Doo Hickey Die.

The wedding card is sweet and simple with a motif from Lily of the Valley.
The sentiment (heartly congratulations - hard to translate directly to english *lol*) is from Bildmålarna.
The stamps around the edges are from Tim Holtz and Stempelgledje.

It´s all colored with Promarkers.

Have a nice weekend!!

Postat av: carina

2011-08-20 @ 10:17:46
Postat av: carina

Vad kul att få en sådan fin och häftig gåva...oj vad nyfikna dom måste vara...Kram

2011-08-20 @ 10:20:34
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