Day of Fun...

Hos StampARTic har vi i december, ända fram till jul, dagligen massor av inspiration från teamet.

Och idag är det min tur att ha Day of Fun!

Och det tänkte jag ha med en liten beskrivning/tutorial.


Today it´s the third Sunday in Advent and it´s my turn to share my Day of Fun at StampARTic.
Im going to give you a tutorial on how to do a Tag-Card.

A very fast and easy way to do a card fold, out of one 12x12 paper, and there is no glue needed!
Isn´t that great?!

Here comes the description:

Start with one 12x12dubbel sided paper. The side that´s up is the one thats going to end up on the 'inside' of the card.

Fold it in half.

Fold down about 2-4 cm of the paper.

Fold it two times, so it splits in to three parts.

Make sure that you don´t fold all the way out to the edge... you can see that I left a space of a couple of mm, before the corner edge.

Here you can see the front of the card.
The folding creates a pocket, both at the front and in the back.

Now fold in the corners.

Because I want to distress all the edges I un-fold the card.
In that way I can see all the fold marks and can easily distrees them.

After distressing, fold the card again and then end with putting the two sides in the back overlapped.No glue needed. This overlapping will make the card hold together.

To make the card that Im putting in to the front pocket, I cut a paper in the size of 10x12 cm.
Then I punch out a scalloped circle to decorate under the eyelet.

I also puts a eyelet in the top of the card base it self.

And here you can see the finished card!
Now the fun part, with decorating, begins.


And here is my card.

And here is the card from inside the pocket.

 I hope you liked it!
Have a lovely holiday and I will see you again soon!!


Postat av: Anna Pyssloteket

Fint kort! Och så smidigt att det är utan lim.


2011-12-11 @ 11:42:38
Postat av: Angelica

Jättefint och tack för en bra beskrivning!

2011-12-12 @ 20:08:13
Postat av: Sindra

Jättefint kort och en rolig vikning! Tack för att du visar hur man gör :)

2014-09-22 @ 14:46:04

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