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So, are you redy for tomorrow?
It´s valentines day and you´re supposed to show your love to all you´re close and dear one´s.
And one more good reason for us card-makers to mass-produce sweet and lovely cards ;0)
Today I´m showing one of my valentines card in Some Odd Girl Blog...

So jump on over and read all about it!

I´ve used Sweet Kody.

We have been celibrating Digi Day all weekend and there is still time left, so hurry over to the Odd-blog and read about all the details! :0)

Postat av: Kristy

Happy Birthday Asa! Your card is just too sweet!

2011-02-14 @ 13:22:09
URL: http://kitten91303.blogspot.com
Postat av: Robin McK

Hi Asa!

I love this card! The simplicity is perfect, and Kody is so dashing!

2011-02-18 @ 04:01:40
URL: http://stamperextraordinaire.blogspot.com/

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