:: anniversary week at some odd girl ::

I hope you haven´t missed all the exciting happenings at Some Odd Girl this week!!?
They are celebrating their first year and are having an Anniversary week, with lots of challenges.
And I´ve been crafting and coloring all week, waiting for the weekend so I can take pictures of all of them.
You see, it´s really dark in the afternoons when I come home from work... ;0)
(I´m actually starting to miss the spring now)

So here they are, all challenges in one post:

The first challenge was to use 1 digi in 3 different ways. A really fun challenge!
I immediately felt that I wanted to do something a little shabby. Not to much, but kind of "shabby light"... ;0)

So - here they are, all three together.
Ivé used Sigh Mae. Isnt she gorgeous!!

Here she is as a corner-bookmark.

And here in a quite bigger scale.

And finally unedited.


The second challenge was a Color Pride.
And this is the colors we were making in:

And here is my contribution:

It´s a little bit hard showing the colors when its in the photo, but it´s all done with the colors above... ;0)

Lovely Mer Mae! And she´s got a little glitter on here too, can you see it..?


So on for the third challenge: Kids challenge! This was such a great idea!!!
And my two sons gladly took there colorpencils and started woorking..!
And here´s my oldest son´s woork:

And her is a closeup on Sweet Kody.


The fourth challenge was too pick 3 Elements from a list, each beginning with a letter from Some Odd Girl.
I´ve picked: Shaped card, Orange and Ric Rak.

Little sweet Cold Kitty Tia.


The last challenge was to create a Mini card (no larger than 3" x 4").
For this one a wanted to do something a little different, for me. So I´ve done this card all in the computer! Not the seewing of course! But the rest of it.

The little reindeer is one of the freebies that so generously been given to those who wants... Thank you Kristy!


So that´s all!! It´s been one fun and amazing week!!
And - of course - Happy Birthday to Some Odd Girl!

Postat av: Robin Funge

Well, scraphorse seems fitting.... wow... such a amazing job on all of the challenges!!!! Thanks so much for playing with us this week! Robin F.

2011-01-22 @ 19:45:47
URL: http://bosenberries.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Sara_80

Vilka härliga kort! :)


2011-01-22 @ 20:03:13
URL: http://saraspysselvra.blogspot.com
Postat av: Patricia

So cute projects I love all of them your coloring is amazing =P

2011-01-22 @ 22:16:32
URL: http://preybueno.blogspot.com
Postat av: Patricia

So cute projects I love all of them your coloring is amazing =P

2011-01-22 @ 22:19:07
URL: http://preybueno.blogspot.com
Postat av: Kim Sonksen

How AMAZING!!! All your projects are stunning and I am so happy that you joined us this week over at http://someoddgirl.blogspot.com/

2011-01-23 @ 13:09:58
URL: http://kimsonksen.blogspot.com
Postat av: Cassandra

Each and every one of your submissions are perfection. I love your style and your flair! Thanks so much for being a part of our 1 year celebrations!

2011-01-23 @ 15:37:26
URL: http://thisnthatcass.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Kristy

WOWZERS! What a post! I'm not sure if I can pick a fav. Each has so much going for them! BUT I will say that your son is too cute with Sweet Kody! He did fabby coloring! Thanks for celebrating with us Asa!

2011-01-23 @ 16:46:03
URL: http://kitten91303.blogspot.com
Postat av: Marcie S.

Your entries are all just fabulous!! Thanks for celebrating with us Odd Girls!!

2011-01-24 @ 19:10:55
Postat av: Zarah

Helt galet snygga, varenda en är ett mästerverk!!

2011-01-25 @ 11:43:41
URL: http://zarischka2.blogspot.com
Postat av: sfhhal











2011-08-17 @ 03:06:53
URL: http://google.com

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