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Hi there!
Today Im going to show you a card I made this weekend, crafting and giggling at a friends house.
We were four girls crafting all afternoon/evening and we had so much fun!

I finaly had the chance to use some of my new stamps from Lily of the Valley. Isn´t they so cute? I just love them. I decided to go for a tag, Im so adicted to those...*gaaah* ;0)

The image is colored with Promarkers.
I embossed a sentiment stamp from Tim Holtz and distressed with Tea Dye and Vintage Photo.

I think it made a sweet and simple look.

Tomorrow Im looking forward having a 'Smash the cake' photoshoot with my little 1 year old!!

I promise to show you some photos...

Postat av: sonja

Asa this is absolutely amazing

So adorable with the little guy under the tree

And the Promarkers OMGoodnes wonderful

It stil doesnt work with me Yak ;)

Hugs Sonja

2011-07-19 @ 08:56:40
URL: http://sonjabekker.blogspot.com

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