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Today Im showing one of the cards I made for Stampavie this week!
I used super cute stamp Mo Mannings Oxford. I found it quite difficult to do Boy-cards. I attend to make it a little bit to cute all the time... *lol* But here comes one Im pretty satisfied with:

I kept it clean and simple, and chose to decorate with stamps and just some small embellies.

Oxford is colored with Promarkers and I actually remewber all the colors I used:

Skin: Putty, Tan, Cinnamon, Cocoa
Hair & Bag: Cool Grey 1-5
Jeans: Powder Blue, Denim Blue, Midnight Blue
Jacket: Tea Green, Grey Green, Pastel Blue
Shirt & Shoes: Putty, Sandstone, Cinnamon
Books: Lipstick Red, Poppy, Crimson
Apricot,Spice, Terracotta
Grass, Pine
Extra: Blender

I´ve used one of the new miniture sentiment stamps from Inkywings!
Isn´t that perfect for us cardmakers??!

A little close up on the decoration. Isn´t it lovely?

Have a nice weekend!

Postat av: carol deegan

Hi There,

Have just started following your blog, your colouring is fab!

Can I sk what stamp ws used to frame 'oxford'?

Love this look

Thanks for your time

carol Deegan

2011-07-20 @ 06:34:24

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