:: sneak week day 3 - dt some ODD girl ::

Well, are you up for another sneak peak from Some Odd Girl?!!

Today we are introducing little Tiny Baker Tia:

I´ve made a round card with help of my spellbinder-dies.
Im not really sure what company the DP´s are from, but I know they are pink! What a surprice, hey?? *lol*

I kept the card pretty simple just adding some ribbon and pearlmaker.
Finally I distressed all the edges and around the image.

And here she is, colored with promarkers.

Doesn´t the cupcake look delightful...?
I could really use one right now! *lol*

Welcome back tomorrow, then the times come up for someone of the manly side of the SOG family...

Postat av: MelissaMade

Asa - I LOVE your style...it's so soft and gorgeous - I know your card without even seeing the name! Beautiful round card that totally shoes off this cutey!



2011-07-06 @ 15:36:50
URL: http://www.melissamade2.blogpsot.com
Postat av: Vera W. Yates

Adorable! I love your soft coloring.

2011-07-07 @ 03:27:48
URL: http://www.lingshappyplace.blogspot.com

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