:: thank you challenge - dt some odd girl ::

I can not believe that it already been six months since I started by DT at Some Odd Girl!??
It still feels like yesterday!

It's been great fun and DT-gang is wonderful! THANKS Kristy for letting me be a part of your amazing team!

But now it's time to move on to new challenges. I wish the new DT-team all the best, I will follow you the whole way.

The theme for the final challenge is Thank You! What could be more fitting than that? *lol*

Here's my card:

I´ve used Photo Kaylee and colored her with Promarkers.

I made the card completely in Sepia colors.

I wan´t to give all of you a big Thanks for following me and my SOG-creations.

Don´t forget that Some Odd Girls are having sneak week next week!!

Postat av: Leah the Orange

Asa, this could well be my VERY fave card of yours, EVER! gorgeous project, love, and THANK YOU for being such a wonderful part of Some Odd Girl for the last six months! it's been our pleasure having you, and i will ABSOLUTELY be following what you're doing in the blogosphere! xo

2011-08-07 @ 23:24:58
URL: http://thechroniclesoforange.blogspot.com

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