:: digi day - dt some ODD girl ::

Today we are celebrate digi day with Some ODD Girl! We´ve got lots of fun going on, so come on over and check it out!
Im hosting the Saturday AM challenge and the theme is Anything but a square.

Here is my example:

I´ve made an circle easel card.

Lovely Bee Tia!

Check out all the details in Some ODD Girls Blog.
Their you can see all the challenges, games and the links to our new fancy Forum.

So - come over and play with me!

Postat av: Marlene

Nydelig kort! :)

Har sett litt gjennom bloggen din og syntes du lager fantastiske kort. :)

Ha en fin dag.

2011-06-13 @ 05:40:44
URL: http://marlenediamanti.blogspot.com

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