:: dt swe scrapbook meets gdt whiff of joy ::

It´s wednesday - again - and that means card inspiration at SWE scrapbook.
Today we are lifting Pysselbus amazing card.

Im combining this one with the challenge over at Whiff of Joy´s Challenge blog.
The theme on the challenge is Blooms and Buttons!

I´ve used one of WOJ´s March releases; I am Sorry Gnome!

I just love this little cuties. They are a delightful to color and look so adorable.

The papers are from WOJ´s Frülingserwachen and from Inkido.

Don´t miss out the lovely red and white Button Twine. It´s also from WOJ´s March release.
The twine are thin enough to use with buttons and needles. Perfect!

Don´t forget to go and check out all the other girls lovely work!
Both over at SWE scrapbook and Whiff of Joy´s Challenges!

Postat av: Kylie

Hi Asa! This is a gorgeous card! I love your layout and the fantastic use of the twine. Your colouring is gorgeous!



2011-03-11 @ 14:02:52
URL: http://kylieskraftroom.blogspot.com
Postat av: Chelsea Le

Wow! gorgeous card. The image is so cute and your use of buttons and blooms are beautiful.



2011-03-15 @ 19:09:46
URL: http://craftinglifespieces.blogspot.com/

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