:: gdt - tickled pink stamps challenges #11 ::

Hi there ya´ll!
Finally Friday, can´t believe how fast time flies!

Today it´s time for another challenge over at Tickled Pink Stamps again. This time we are using 'Off the scrap desk', embellish your card with items not intended for cardmaking.
Doesn´t this sound like a fun challenge or what?

In my crafting corner I also have my sewing machine, I intend to use it alot in my crafting *lol* Recently I´ve repaired some of my kids jeans, and there it was... a piece that´s been left over! Perfect!!
And then I added some stamps to that as well - done!

It´s really fun to challenge your self to use other things than the usual.
And let me tell you, some of the DT-gals have found some really fun stuff to add to their cards.

So hurry over and take a look!

I have made a card out of a paperbag.
It´s an easy way to make your project a little more special.

Besides the 'scrap-crap' *lol* I´ve used papers from Basic Grey, corrugated paper and embellies from Tim Holtz.

A little close up on little fellow Lil Lad Eric.

He is colored with Promarkers.

- :: Wishing you all a lovely Friday! :: -

Postat av: Chruss

Åsa! Tusen tusen tack för din kommentar - den värmde verkligen!KRAM!

2011-03-19 @ 13:17:17
URL: http://chruss.blogg.se/
Postat av: LillBlomman

Grymt, grymt snygg! Åhhhh vad jag gillar din stil! Kramar!

2011-03-19 @ 17:04:04
URL: http://lillblommanskapar.blogspot.com

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