:: one for the lads - gdt tickled pink stamp challenges ::

Hope you´re all having a wonderful weekend!
Here in Sweden we reset the clock to summertime this weekend. Yes - we do have different times summer and winter! *lol* But when we set it for summertime, that´s the first signs of spring for me...

This weeks challenge over at Tickled Pink Stamps is my last as a Guest Designer *buuhuuu* but I´ll keep entering those fun challenges anyway *lol* Thanks girls for having me!

This time the theme is easy! One for the Lads!
And do TPS have amazing Lads!? Well, that answer is quite obvious!

I have used fears Lil Lad Damon. Isn´t he the coolest or what?

This week the prize is 2 rubber stamps of your choice!
Well, there isn´t much to think about, is there!? Jump on over to the challenge blog and check out the rest of the DT-girls amazing creations!

Have a wonderful day!


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