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It´s time for another challenge in Some ODD girl´s blog.
This time we want to feel that spring feeling, so are challenge is: THINK SPRING!
A good opportunity to check out all of that lovely new cuties in the March 1st release.
Plenty of spring themed digis!

I´ve used wonderful Bee Tia.

I used a lot of pastell colours, flowers and a little sprinkle of glitter.
Do you feel the spring feeling? I think I do! :0)

So hurry up and jump on over an participate. Kristy is giving away not two, but four (!) digistamps this time!! Isn´t that a threat!!?
Of course it is. So, come on and make spring feeling flow! :0)

Postat av: Robin McK

She is sooo cute Asa! Love her, and I like the non-traditional bee colours!

2011-03-11 @ 22:13:52
URL: http://stamperextraordinaire.blogspot.com/

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