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I hope you´ve checked out the winners in the last challenge at Some Odd Girl - Hot Momas!

This week we are challenged to make anything but the usual 4x5,5 left folded card.
It can be an easel card, a shaped card or something altered. It´s all up to you!

I´ve descided to alter an bottle of glas. It´s originally a baby food can.
It´s perfect to fill with some candy or little gifts.

I´ve used Love Letter Kaylee (from the brand new Clear Stamps!) and masked her with one of my label-stamps.

I´ve decorated the cap with dp´s and some flowers.

A little close up.

Kristy got some amazing prizes up her sleve, so hurry on over and read all about it. And don´t forget to check out all the lovely examples from all the dt-gals!

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Postat av: Robin McK

Asa, I love this jar! Your colouring is so beautiful and soft!

2011-05-09 @ 05:47:06
URL: http://stamperextraordinaire.blogspot.com

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