:: make a scene - dt some ODD girl ::

This weeks challenge over at the Some Odd Girl Blog was a real challenge I can tell you!

This time we want you to Make a Scene!
Could be a beach scene, clouds or butterflies in a sky, Moooey chowin on some grass in green pastures... whatever you come up with!

I really struggled with this one. Phew!
But - it came out quite nice after all... *lol*

I´ve used Tree and Content Ollie together.

Don´t forget to jump on over to the Blog ´cause the other girls have made some AMAZING eyecandy! Wow!

And, of course, there are some lovely pricez as well. Kristy is giving away three digi´s of your choice!

Postat av: Bonnie K Ditto

Hard to shade skin like that. You did it so well.

2011-05-22 @ 03:38:06

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