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Some Odd Girl is sponsring the Challenge over at Charisma Cardz this week.

We were asked to Guest in for this challenge and the theme is 'Anything but a card'.
Well, this might sound easy, peasy - but - no, I really had to take a long tought on what to do.
When I got my idea I was really pleased, ´cause this is something I´ve been lounging to do for quite some time...

Here is what I´ve made:

I´ve made an album for my daughter.
It´s gonna contain pictures and happenings from her first year.

I used fabolouse Tiny Baby from the newest Digi-release.

She´s colored with Promarkers and Copics.

So jump on over to Charisma Cardz Challenge Blog and check it out! They have som amazing prizes this week.

AND - if you use a Some Odd Girl image for this challenge (!) - then hop on over to sweet Leahs Blog and say that you did - she´s got a whole BUNCH of fantastic prizes to win for those who do!!

I promise - it´s worth it!

Have a nice monday!

Postat av: Leah the Orange

this is a WONDERFUL little tribute to your sweet miss! thanks for being a guest Charisma Gal for this one, and for promoting my candy! i'll have to do another, and give it a little more time/exposure, and i may just see if you'll help! xo

2011-05-12 @ 06:59:10
URL: http://thechroniclesoforange.blogspot.com

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