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Well, how are you doing with the Christmas production, anyway? ;0)
I had - as usual - quite outgoing plans to, at least, make a card a month during the year. All to avoid having to sit in pure panic at the very end to get something together, to at least have the opportunity to send something to my closests friends ..
I'm hopeless! :0)

It did not really. This time around, either.

But at least I have started to make something again gently. Without pressure, only when I feel it´s fun.
And now, when darkness comes in the fall and we lit the first candles in the evening, then it sneaks in a little. Christmas spirit that is.

So - today Im showing one of my favourite christmas hÄngel in the hÄnglar-Blog.

She´s colored with Promarkers.

The sentiment is from Stampavies new release.

The DP´s are from Maja Design. Flowers from Prima and Magnolia.
I´ve painted and stamped on some chipboard snowflakes and added some lace at the end.

Have a nive evening!

Postat av: carina

Fint julkort, har själv börjat i veckan med mina, men det går lite trögt att få in rätta julkänslan. Ha en toppen dag.


2011-09-01 @ 08:22:08
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