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I hope you haven´t missed that it´s sneak time for Tickled Pink Stamps for Lil Christmas Pinkettes?!

Today it´s time for Lil Christmas Pinkette Audrey:

Doesn´t this make you long for christmas time?

Audrey is colored with Promarkers.
I´ve used Cheery Lynn dies for this one and combined it with lots of flowers and bling.

Don´t miss out the chance of winning those stamps. Just go on to the TPS-Blog to find out how!

Postat av: Louise

Hej Åsa!

Jag bara älskar det här uberläckra runda kortet! Du har gjort ett fantastiskt jobb med Audrey :) Hon är färglagd till perfektion.

Underbar användning av CL diesen :)


2011-09-14 @ 20:56:38
URL: http://louisesscrapperie.blogspot.com
Postat av: CallyAnn

This is amazing!

2011-09-14 @ 22:58:20
URL: http://callyanncraftycreations.blogspot.com
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