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This card really warms my heart.
It has a little sad feeling about it. But in a good way, I guess.

This one I made on a craftgathering in Enköping. It was a wonderful weekend with lots and lots of laughter, good food, crafting (of course) and many lovely friends. I really should do this more often... :-D

The motif is from Lily of the Valley and it´s coloured with Promarkers on Letraset Cartridge Papers.
The blue skye around the image is made with Chalks.

The sentiment is from Inkywings and it says "I wish you were here", in Swedish.

It´s a really clean and simple card. But I don´t think it actually needs anything else. What do you think?

Postat av: Michaela

Ett väldigt fint kort måste jag säga!! Inget mer som behövs utan less is more;)

2011-09-27 @ 23:39:16
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Postat av: carina

Så fint kort och en underbar stämpel:) Man blir aldrig besviken när man tittar in till dig.


2011-09-28 @ 20:09:51
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