Tiddly Ink 2 year celebration...

Tiddly Inks is celebrating their 2-year anniversary all month and every Thursday the Challenge Blog is filled with amazing guests creating with Christys fantastic images.

And today it´s my time to be one of those!!
Im so thrilled and honoured to be asked by wonderful Melissa and Christy!

And now - as a part of their amazingly talanted DT-team - I feel like Im dreaming...

Thank you girls!

The theme for the celebration is "Frame the moment" and I´ve used Wryn and Emmy - BFF.

The DP´s are from Inkido and Maja Design and flowers from WOC.

The images are colored with Pro- & Flexmarkers on Letrasets 270 gr cartridge papers.

The frame is made with Spellbinders.

Are you curious on who all the other guests are??
Then hurry over to the blog... ;0)

Postat av: Åsa/asamia

Å vilka fina kort du gör hela tiden, alltid lika roligt att kika in till dig Åsa!

Hoppas allt är bra, och att vi kanske ses på mässan i Gävle nästa lördag ;)

2012-04-26 @ 11:59:51
URL: http://asamia.blogg.se/
Postat av: Christy/Tiddly Inks

Amazing!!! So glad you are on the team now...your creations just make me happy all over. :)



2012-04-27 @ 04:51:32
URL: http://tiddlyinks.com
Postat av: Arabella

Asa this is just adorable! I love the hessian in the background!


2012-04-30 @ 21:43:26
URL: http://www.chickiechirps.blogspot.com

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