Im ODD again...

It´s finally official!!

Im one of the ODD girls again!

It´s been over a year ago since the last time, but I´ve missed them so much, so I just had to try and apply for another term!

Im so, so, SO happy to have the chance to create with Kristys amazing stamps again and to be a part of her wonderful ODD-team. Thanks Kristy!

So, today there is the first day of introduction of all the new members of the DT-team.
Are you curious? Well, you should be! There are lots of talented crafters to present.

And we are kickikng it of with the August challenge as well.

Here is my card, using Kimono Kaylee:

She is colored with Promarkers, and the papers are from Maja Designs Vintage Summer Basic.
The sentiment is from Stampavie.
Finally some half beads and doodling.

Now pop on over to the Some Odd Girl Blog and check out the rest of the team!

Now, we are kicking the next release with a Blog Hop on Friday, so don´t forget to come back here soon.

Postat av: Jing van Opstal

congratulations! Love all your projects ... totally inspiring!

2012-08-01 @ 17:07:43
Postat av: Zarah

GRATTIS, bästa tjejen!!

(Hoppas för övrigt alltid på att du ska skicka in bidrag till Inzpira... Du gör dig ju så BRA i tidningen! :))

2012-08-01 @ 19:00:03
Postat av: Danni

Congrats!! Beautiful card!

2012-08-01 @ 22:52:47
Postat av: Rachel Parys

Gorgeous challenge card! So happy to be on the SOG team with you!!! This is going to be fun!

2012-08-02 @ 04:25:10
Postat av: Lou Mac

Yayyyy!! Absolutely fantastic news!! LOVE the card you've created. Can't wait to see more of your style over at the SOG blog - your projects always inspire me!!


2012-08-02 @ 11:33:34
Postat av: Gretchen

I saw your card over at Some Odd Girl it is beautiful. Congrats on your DT spot.

2012-08-02 @ 13:10:32
Postat av: Anna Sigga

Congrats on being ODD!! :D

Just love your card and I ma excited to be working with you over at SOG!

2012-08-02 @ 13:34:04
Postat av: Arabella

Wow this is so pretty Asa! Lovely soft colours and I love that sentiment! I'm excited to be on the team with you!


2012-08-02 @ 18:52:05
Postat av: Leah Ann Gast

Oh such lovely cards!!!

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