Digi release at Some Odd Girl...

 Some Odd Girl is having a fantastic Digi Release this week!!
And today it´s Giddy Tia's turn.
Tia is colored with Copics.
Doesn´t she just make you all giggly?!
The card is very clean and simple, with rounded corners and papers from Maja Design.
Not even any distressing!! I know! I must have a diseace or something... LOL
Don´t forget to comment in the SOG Blog to havea chance to win those lovely digi's!
See you tomorrow again, with another wonderful release!

Postat av: Faye

Asa. I absolutely LOVE this card of yours. x

2012-12-12 @ 18:48:50
URL: http://stampunfluffnstuff.blogspot.com

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