Another Tiddly challenge...

It´s time for another challenge over at Tiddly Inks.
For this one we want you to create something with you´re FAVORITE Tiddly image.
Well, it might sound easy, but it´s really not! A favorite!!??
OMG, how am I going to choose...??

It had to be a Wryn, so here it comes:

I colored her with Promarkers on Letraset 270 g paper.

I love them all, but this is one of my favorites anyway... :0)

The paprers are Pion Design and the stickers from OA.

Now don´t forget to come back tomorrow and see my exciting news... ;0)

Postat av: Lou

morning Asa!!

hun this is just so gentle and stunning, I love that doily too

huge hugs Lou xxx

2012-07-31 @ 11:50:16
Postat av: Christy/Tiddly Inks

Simply beautiful!

2012-07-31 @ 15:30:05
Postat av: Donna

Asa... WOW!!! I was going to say great minds think alike but your card ...WOW, so much more gorgeous than mine..LOL!! This is just so gorgeous and soft and beautifully elegant!! Stunning stuff honey!! Xx

2012-08-01 @ 00:34:08
Postat av: Marlena

This is just beautiful!

2012-08-01 @ 11:50:53
Postat av: Danielle

Beautiful card! One of my favorites too!

Postat av: Lou Mac

Heehee, Wryn is definitely a hands down favourite!! Gorgeous card. Your soft colours always rocks my socks. xo

2012-08-02 @ 11:34:47
Postat av: Arabella

Aww so pretty Asa! Wryn's a huge favourite with me too!


2012-08-02 @ 18:54:07
Postat av: Ellis

Vilket undebart kort du har gjort med din favorit, jättemjuka färger och Wryn är ju så söt! =)

Kram Elenor

2012-08-03 @ 00:25:25

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