New digi-release at Tiddly Inks...

Boy, do I just LOVE Christys new fantasy release at Tiddly Inks!!!
They are so wonderful everyone of them. And such a joy to colour.
You just have to jump on over to Christys Blog and check them all out. The DT-girls sneaks are amazing.
Here comes two of my sneaks:
Isn´t he just too cute?!
I can see the use of him in so many different ways.
And here comes another one, one of many beautiful hairedfantasy girls.
Both moifs are colored with Promarkers on Letrasets 270 g paper.
See you soon again!

Postat av: Lou

hiyah asa!

wow hun both of your cards are just gorgeous! i haven't finished colouring my dragon up yet but everytime i look at him i keep thinking oooh you're so cute!!

huge hugs Lou xxx

2012-07-24 @ 10:36:11
Postat av: Leah Crowe

Wow Asa!!! I adore both of these images you colored up.. loving all the detail on dragon friend.. amazing work and cards!! Love 'em to bits!!

hugs, Leah

2012-07-24 @ 18:19:05
Postat av: Marlena

These are both fantastic! I love them!

2012-07-25 @ 00:22:06
Postat av: Emmy

ÅÅÅåh, superfina!!

Älskar de mjuka färgerna i båda korten!

Riktigt fint!

2012-07-25 @ 08:47:24

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