A new Tiddly Challenge...

It´s time for another Tiddly Ink Challenge!

This time we are celebrating our fathers or manly friends/family members.

For me it´s alöways a challenge making manly/boyisch cards, but it´s a fun challenge.

For this one Im using Daddy's Girl for this one (cute image wha?!):

I´ve combined her with papers from Pions Design, Kraft and Vanilla Cardstock and some screw-brads as the only decorations.

On the oval die cut I have distressed with Tea Dye and stamped a sentiment that says "...on fathers day..."
The sentiment is from Inkywings.

The über cute image is colored with Promarkers.

I hope you haven´t missed Christys new amazing images?!
If you have, hurry on over to her blog and check them out!

Have a nice Wednesday everyone!

Postat av: Lou

hiyah Asa!!

awww this is so cute and I love those muted papers, they are delicoius.

huge hugs Lou xxx

2012-06-06 @ 07:12:10
URL: http://loopylousloopythoughts.blogspot.com

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