Juni utmaning hos StampARTic...

How time flies! It´s already June and the summer is closing in fast. Lovely!
We are up for another challenge, and this time we are up for a color challenge.

For this challenge it´s two amazing prizes, from Kenny K and Whiff of Joy, so don´t miss it out!

You can only use the colors of  BLACK, WHITE & ONE opptional COLOR.
(It´s ok to take beige or ivory instead of white if you like)

For example
: if you choose Pink as you´re opptional color, then you´re creation is only allowed to have the colors of black, white and pink. If you choose Red, it can only be in the colors of black, white and red.
How much you use of each color is totaly up to you. As only we can see the three colors easily.

You are allowed to use other colors for skin and hair if you use a stamp/image on you´re card.

Here is my card:

I went with the opptional color Pink.

The image is from sureya.deviantart.com and is colored with Pro- and Flexmarkers.

The sentiment is from Inkywings.

So jump on over to the StampARTic blog and check out the challenge and all the amazing creation from the DT team.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

Postat av: Linda - Pysselbus

Ljuvligt, Åsa!!! Det är så snyggt och stilrent... Supersött motiv, färglagt till perfektion!

Ha en fin helg!



2012-06-01 @ 10:19:05
URL: http://pysselbus.blogspot.com
Postat av: Anna

Men jag undrar...

Om du valde rosa som tilläggsfärg, och man inte fick använda någon mer... håret då?

Räknas inte det?

2012-06-01 @ 20:42:53

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