Challenge at Tiddly Inks...

It´s Tuesday and that means a new challenge over at Tiddly Inks.
This time we are doing it like DT-member Marlena.
You 'use' her card and interprets it like you wan´t. It can be the sketch, the motif, the colors, well - anything.
Just make sure we can see it. LOL.
I liked the card so much I pretty much copied it straight off.
Clean and simple and very soft, with the image in center.
The cute little baby boy is colored with copics.
Don´t forget to check out all Christys new images in the store. Boy does that woman pop out those gorgeous images like a machine!! How on earth am I going to find the time to color up all those sweeties!?! LOL
Anyway, jump on over to Tiddly Challenge Blog and check out Marlenas card and start working...
Hugs to yoy all!

Postat av: Lou

Morning Asa!!
awwwwww he's so cute!! he is coloured up so beautifully too, gorgeous card hun
huge hugs Lou xxx

2012-11-27 @ 08:34:16
Postat av: Christina

hahaha - helt bedårande!!! Så himla gullig och kortet är superfint!!

2012-11-27 @ 09:29:26
Postat av: Donna

I love this gorgeous card Asa, he's so beautifully coloured!!! XX

2012-11-28 @ 00:28:46
Postat av: Marlena

This is so adorable! I love all the white and how his blue shirt really stands out!

2012-11-28 @ 01:59:41

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