Sweet Stamping Pixies Challenge...

It´s the beginning of November and it´s time for another challenge over at SSPC.
This time we wan´t you to create monochromatic.
I went for blue, and I´ve used a fairy from Vilda Stamps.
This time I actually remembered to take some photos when I was coloring with my precious Copics....
The pics where quite small, but I hope you see it anyway. LOL
And here are the finished card/tag:
I used a lot of glitter, but it´s so hard to make it visible on pics.
I´ve used the following colors:
Skin: E11-21-00-000
Cheeks: R20-11
Hair: E57-53-YR00-E50
Dark Blue: B99-97-95
Light blue: B95-32-00
Now jump on over to the SSPC-Blog and check out all those gorgeous creations from the DT-team!


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