Wonderful & exciting news...

Hit here peeps!
No card today, sorry, but I just have to shout out my excitment and happiness here..! LOL
I´ve got some new and wonderful DT-work to look forward to in the nearest future.
I´ve been asked to guest for the Norwegian Magazine Ett Trykk next year!! YAY!!!
You can read all about it here -->
And there is more!
I´ve also got a spot in Copc Marker Europes amazingly talanted DT-team!! Such a dream coming true for me!!
I haven´t been coloring with my Copics for more than a cuople months, but I´ve been madly depended on them already.. He, he! Just LOVE them! 
Imagine having a DT-position that means that I can play with them every time... LOL!
You can read about it here-->
Now, don´t forget to check back in tomorrow for the Funky Inks Blog Hop.
Lot´s of fun, inspiration and great prizes!
You don´t wan´t to miss this!
See you then!
And thank you for stopping by, it means the world to me!

Postat av: Gitte

Congratulations. Looking foreward to se your work.

2012-11-29 @ 10:08:16
URL: http://gittescrap.blogspot.dk/
Postat av: Monika

Stort grattis till dig, så välförtjänat!!!

2012-11-29 @ 21:10:14
URL: http://momaslilshop.blogspot.com
Postat av: Veronique

Jeg så det på bloggen til Ett Trykk :) Så gøy!!!!

2012-11-29 @ 22:20:43
URL: http://snuppisblogg.blogspot.no/

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