K-design at StampARTic...

Today we are showing some of K-designs beautiful papers at StampARTic.
A little rougher, edgier papers. Very cool and well made.
For this article we also got some wonderful sentiment stamps!
Here are some sneaks on my projects:
Here I´ve used In the City and First Christmas.
The image is colored with Copics.
The digi is from Simlp Betty Stamps.
This papers are also from First Christmas.
This image is also from Simply Betty and colored with copics.
Now jump on over and check out all the beauty in the StampARTic Blog.
Have a wonderful wednesday!!

Postat av: Pysselfröken

Wow så snygga! Jag är så imponerad av din färgläggning. Synd att du inte kunde komma till Karlstad. Saknade dig. Hoppas vi ses där till våren.
Kram Frida

2012-10-10 @ 06:36:20
URL: http://pysselfrkensblogg.blogspot.com
Postat av: Lou Mac

Aboslutely stunning projects! Just so pretty!! I love your style, girlie. xo

2012-10-10 @ 11:39:39
URL: http://lou-dot-mac.blogspot.com

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