New challenge at Tiddly Inks...

It´s time for another fab challenge over at Tiddly Inks. And this time we are making it like Lou.
You can choose how you want to interpret it, get inspired by the sketch, the colors, the motif, just take your pick. I used the same layout, but I wanted to go with circles instead.
Lovely Wryn is colored with Copics, as usual no a days... LOL.
Don´t forget to go in and check out the rest of all the wonderful sreation over at Tiddly Inks Challenges.

Postat av: Dilyana

Beautiful card, Asa! I love the simple layout and the warm neutral colours! And again - this hair! Absolutely stunning!!! :-)


2012-10-30 @ 10:05:32
Postat av: Lou

morning Asa!
awwww this is adorable hun, love the colours and that image is the cutest!!
huge hugs Lou xxx

Postat av: R.Maria Sabina( Lollyrot)

this card is so pretty!

2012-10-30 @ 19:37:08
Postat av: Donna

WOW!!! Asa, this is just so adorable and your colouring is to die for!! Beautiful, beautiful work honey!! Xx

2012-10-31 @ 02:19:57
Postat av: Marlena

Cute card Asa, love the way you put this card together!

2012-11-01 @ 10:13:30

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