Sending some love...

Goodmorning everyone!
It's finally Saturday and an unscheduled wekeend!
Well, unscheduled was an overstatement, but the whole family is home. And that was a couple of weeks ago.
Today Im showing a 'just because' card with one of Make it Craftys wonderful images:
This card was actually made for a contest on a crafting event.
Ther was A LOT od do's and dont's for this one.
We all had to use tha same material, and nothing else.
And one of the challenges was that we had to use the chicken wire.
It was really fun challenge. And this is my take on it.
The image is colored with copics.
Hoping you all will have wonderful wekeend!
Im going to see my son's icehockey game and tonight we are having people over for dinner.
Hugs to you!


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