Another outfit in the closet...

Yep! You heard right!
The final reveal for this release at Some Odd Girl is another outfit for Kaylees Closet!
I hope you haven´t missed out the wonderful concept of Kaylees Closet??!
If you have - check it out here.
This one is called Winter Warmth:

The image is colored with Copics.

Papers from Pion Design, distressed with Walnut Stain and flowers from WOC.
Remind me that I have to order some more flowers from WOC, they are running out! Gahhhh!
So, that´s for now.
But next week SOG is having another amazing digi release. So don´t forget to check back in.

Postat av: Faye

Wow, this is gorgeous. Love the details, love the colours. Very pretty. X

2012-09-13 @ 16:57:09
Postat av: Rachel Parys

Asa, all of these new SOG releases are stunning! I love your work! I wish I could afford to buy them all, but for now I will have to pick just a few! (wish me luck! lol!)

2012-09-13 @ 17:08:50
Postat av: Gitte

Lovely card you have made.

2012-09-14 @ 13:19:11
Postat av: Maritha

Du färglägger helt underbart!

Önskar dig en härlig helg! Kram!

2012-09-14 @ 19:16:27

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