Getting Inky with Critters...

I hope you haven´t missed out Melissas fabolouse idea of spotlighting some of the older images
at tiddly Inks in the Tiddly Blog?! 
Well, we all love Christys Wryns and friends, but she have so-o many wonderful images!
In all kinds of styles and versions.
so - today it´s my turn and I´ve chosen the cute Inky Critters, and made my first Christmas card for this season:
The image is colored with Prisma Color Pencils.
This image is a digistamp and it´s really versytile, cause you can do as I and use them all together, but you also get all in one personal file too.
I kept it really clean and simple,
I usually do that with my Christmas cards cause it´s so much easier to shio them that way. ;0)
Don´t forget that we also have a new challenge in the Challenge Blog.

Postat av: Lou

morning Asa!! this is awesome hun, I love the CAS style of it and those critters are soooo cute!
huge hugs Lou xxx

2012-09-20 @ 08:25:25

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