StampARTic goes Meljen Design...

This time we have been sponsored by the wonderful Meljen's Design at StampARTic

 She is designing cute and sweet stamps, both digi and rubber.

Here is one of my cards:

I´ve made a pretty clean and simple card, just to let the stamp/image stay in focus.

Papers are from Melissa Francess.
So simple that I even didn´t use distress or anything!
Hmmm, can I maybee have a fever!??

But I like how it turned out, even without the distressing and decorations.

Sometimes less is more!

She is colored with Copics.

Sorry the pictures went a little dark.
But isn´t she just too cute!?

The designteam has made some wonderful creations, don´t forget to go and look at all the beauty in the StampARTic Blog!

Have a lovely wekeend!


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