Treat Box Tutorial for Some Odd Girl...

Hi there Oddies! It´s my turn in the Some Odd Girl Blog today and Im going to show you a little Treat Box tutorial.

I´ve used:
12"x12" patterned paper
Stamp: clearstamp from Hey Kaylee
Distress ink
Adhesive tape
Spellbinders die
The image is colored with Distress Markers

Start to draw and cut out a circle on your patterned paper that is approximately 8½" wide.
Then score it with a bone folder for the dimensions as in the picture below.

Notice that my treat box is a little bit bigger than this, I´ve adjusted it to size up with the candy.

Then continue to cut after the red lines, then it should look like this:

Before I glue it together I ink all the edges with Distress ink - Walnut Stain.

Then I use adhesive tape to stick it together:

Fold in the side flaps and carefully align and stick the front flap on to the side flaps.

The base for the treat box is ready and it should look like this!

I like to take some papperfrills and stuff it into the box. It makes it look a little bit more I think.
I make the paperfrills myself by taking a piece of cardstock and run it true my crimper and then cut it into thin strips.

Then I take all the strips and crunch them in my hand a bit.
Now they are ready to fill the Treat Box.

So - the only thing left is the really fun and easy part - to stick your motif on and decorate it!
Here´s the final result of my Treat Box!

 So there it is! Hope you´re inspired to make you´re own Treat Box!

Postat av: Emelie

Åh! Super snyggt!

2012-09-05 @ 15:40:07
Postat av: Christina


2012-09-06 @ 13:18:14

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