Copic inspiration at Scrap-Perra...

Hello there crafty friends!



Today Im showing some Copic inspiration I've made for Scrap-Perra, where you can seeme coloring up this little cuties hair in a video.



I have used papers from Heidi Swapp and Pion Design, together with Cherry Blooms, roses and dies from Spellbinders and Magnolia.



Here is alittle close up.



I have used the following Copics

Skin: E21-11-00-000-R20

Hair: E18-15-13-11

Sweather/Shoes: BG78-75-72-70

Skirt/Bag: R85-83-81

Quilt/Teddy: E55-53-51

Shadows: W5-3-1-0


And here is the video:



I hope you've got some inspiration!


If you have any questions about Copics or coloring you can ask them to me and the rest of the team in Scrap-Perras Forum.


Hav e a wonderful day - see you soon again!

And thanks for stopping by.




Postat av: Sinikka

Det ser jätte fint ut, kortet din. tack igen för din tutorial.
Kram Sinikka

2013-02-20 @ 07:17:06
Postat av: Christina

Superfint kort!!! Underbara färger!!

2013-02-20 @ 08:40:15
Postat av: Susy

Så underbart snyggt, Åsa!
Gillar, som alltid, din färgläggning skarpt!
Så snyggt du har fått ihop blomdekorationerna!

Önskar dig en fortsatt bra vecka!


2013-02-20 @ 11:21:18
Postat av: Franz

Fab work Asa, so lovely, you made her very special with your colouring!

A big hug, Franz.

2013-02-27 @ 09:08:44

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